Must-See Films

A Girl Like Her
Film synopsis: “A GIRL LIKE HER” reveals the hidden history of over a million young women who became pregnant in the 1950s and 1960s, and who were then banished to maternity homes to give birth, surrender their children, and return home alone. They were told to keep their secret, move on and to forget. But, does a woman ever forget her child? That’s one of the many thought-provoking questions author, adoptee, and filmmaker, Ann Fessler, poses in this moving story, which is told through the voices of several women from that time. Check the website for current domestic and international screening dates. Watching this film—and having the opportunity to hear Ann Fessler talk about the creation of it—gave us a whole new understanding of what our birth mothers must have endured.

Adopted For The Life of Me
This award-winning documentary was shown at the 2013 AAC Conference and can be found on local PBS stations (see website). In the words of the filmmaker, the film is “about secrets, and what secrets cost people when they’re imposed over an entire lifetime.”


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