What are Adoptee Tales?

[dropcap size=dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’d like to introduce you to some of the secret sons and daughters we know, the ones we’d make a beeline for if we were at a party: the 30-something man who had met his birth mother and was unsure if he should push for his father’s contact information. Or the woman near the door with the beautiful Irish accent—she met her birth mother years ago, but their reunion is still a secret from her birth mother’s family. Or the person sitting on the sofa sipping tea—she didn’t discover that she had been adopted until she was 52.

As for us, we’ve each experienced the blessings and challenges of being reunited for a good number of years, all the while reflecting on said reunions with a few friends who have never wished to search at all. We hope you’ll meet them too.

So why all these introductions? A Massachusetts secret son and friend said it best: “Relating to you and a couple others about it [adoption] provides me with, if only briefly, a sense of belonging and connection, and being understood in ways I have never really experienced with others…”

[divider ]Curious about others’ stories?[/divider]

To view all tales go to “See All Tales” located in the footer of every page. In addition, we’ve also organized the stories into categories that seem to capture our adoption situations best:

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[column size=one_half position=last ][button color=blue size=normal alignment=none rel=1 openin=samewindow url=”https://secretsonsanddaughters.org/category/stories/no-contact/”]Prefer No Contact[/button][button color=blue size=normal alignment=none rel=1 openin=samewindow url=”https://secretsonsanddaughters.org/category/stories/late-discovery/”]       Late Discovery       [/button][/column]

Two important notes before you mingle:

  • Each tale is tagged with the author’s birth and current state, so that you can use the above “search” box to search tales by state.
  • Search results will also include relevant blog posts from our team on the latest adoption news and about the work of others making a difference in the lives of adult adoptees.

We’re glad you’re here! Enjoy—

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