About Our Team

  • Christine Koubek

    Christine Koubek

    Secret Sons & Daughters Cofounder
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    Christine was born in Massachusetts, adopted and raised in New York, and has been reunited with her biological families for more than twenty years. Her award winning essay, Portrait in Nature and Nurture, is now included in an adoption training manual. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University and has been a journalist and travel writer for 14 years, a writing workshop leader, and a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellow. Her stories have appeared in The Washington Post, Bethesda, Ladies’ Home Journal, Washingtonian, Brain, Child and more. When not writing, she loves running, singing (in the car), and trying new sports, especially with her husband and two sons. She is thrilled that Secret Sons & Daughters has become a place to share your voice and connect through the power of shared stories.

  • Heather Katz

    Heather Katz

    Secret Sons & Daughters Co-founder
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    Born a Texas daughter, Heather was adopted and has been reunited with some of her biological family for 21 years. To learn more about her story, read Sometimes a Reunion Gives an Adoptee New Secrets. She holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of South Carolina, and currently works in the field of elder care law. She is a mother of one son and three daughters. Besides spending cherished time with her family and friends, Heather has a passion for writing, fitness and health, theater, music and dance. Today, she shares the special opportunity of performing with her children at the Metropolitan Ballet Theatre of the Washington DC area. Heather would like to extend her great appreciation to her Dad and many supportive others, for their editorial expertise and volunteered time that helped make Secret Sons & Daughters a reality.

  • Mary Sisco

    Mary Sisco

    Contributing Editor
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    Mary's biological family trees were deeply rooted in Philadelphia, though she was born, relinquished and raised in Minnesota. This geographical and genealogical bewilderment led to a serious case of wanderlust and many moves throughout the country. She reunited briefly with her first mother in her late teens, and got to know her first father and other paternal family members while living in Pennsylvania in her twenties (more of the story here). She has a BA in Journalism and several years of experience as a technical writer/editor and corporate courseware developer. She loves her three daughters, freelance writing projects, running, hiking, retro TV, and laughing at Mystery Science Theater with her tween. She is glad to be part of the Secret Sons & Daughters team because telling our stories is a great step in gaining awareness, camaraderie, and dignity.

  • Joanne Currao

    Joanne Currao


    Joanne has lived in Pennsylvania for most of her adult life, but was born, adopted and raised on Long Island, New York. She didn't learn about her adoption until she was 48 years old, and recently reunited with her first family. Her work experience has taken her from the operating room to the court room, first as a surgical technologist and then as a paralegal. She is married with three children and a few “furry kids," and loves art, reading, and writing. She blogs about her experience as a late discovery adoptee, and as an activist for original birth certificate access legislation, for Secret Sons & Daughters and her own blog: Orphaned Heart.